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If you wish to contribute a Library, simply submit a pull request to Libraries.lua. Simply insert a new table with fields URL (you can leave off and an optional Description and you are good to go!

Library Standards

Libraries contributed to RoStrap must be useful, reusable, and reasonably universal. The code must be stable, maintained, readable, and speedy. It must have a readme or documentation website that clearly outlines its use and includes functioning demo code. Images/Videos help.

Submitted Libraries may or may not be subject to code review.

All images must meet the image standards

How to Package Libraries

To indicate to the plugin's installer that a Lua file is a descendant of another, simply make a folder with the name of the parent Lua file, and place the parent Lua file inside with the name "init" (or "main" or "_"). Here is an example of a single Library that has ModuleScripts within it using this method.


Dependencies are detected by the plugin using this handy script. It can detect from the following source code that Tween and Maid are the names a Library will need to have installed in order to work. If your source code intends to rely on dependencies from the RoStrap system, the detection script must be able to successfully determine the dependencies of your Libraries.

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage") -- You have to use game:GetService
local Resources = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Resources")) -- You have to use WaitForChild
local require = Resources.LoadLibrary -- You can localize LoadLibrary

local Tween = require("Tween") -- Either of these work
local Maid = Resources:LoadLibrary('Maid')

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