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A bunch of reuseable Easing Functions, including those from the Material Design specification (Standard, Acceleration, and Deceleration)

These are the available EasingFunctions:

Directionless In Out InOut OutIn
Linear InQuad OutQuad InOutQuad OutInQuad
Spring InCubic OutCubic InOutCubic OutInCubic
SoftSpring InQuart OutQuart InOutQuart OutInQuart
RevBack InQuint OutQuint InOutQuint OutInQuint
RidiculousWiggle InSine OutSine InOutSine OutInSine
Smooth InExpo OutExpo InOutExpo OutInExpo
Smoother InCirc OutCirc InOutCirc OutInCirc
Acceleration InElastic OutElastic InOutElastic OutInElastic
Deceleration InBack OutBack InOutBack OutInBack
Sharp InBounce OutBounce InOutBounce OutInBounce

This library returns an array of these functions, with values corresponding to their Enumerations' values.

local Enumeration = Resources:LoadLibrary("Enumeration")
local EasingFunctions = Resources:LoadLibrary("EasingFunctions")

local InSine = EasingFunctions[Enumeration.EasingFunction.InSine.Value]

-- If you want an array of all EasingFunction Enumerations
local EnumerationItems = Enumeration.EasingFunction:GetEnumerationItems()

for i = 1, #EnumerationItems do
    local EnumerationItem = EnumerationItems[i]
    print(EnumerationItem, EasingFunctions[EnumerationItem.Value])