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Registers a Material Design Rippler PseudoInstance which can be instantiated via"Rippler")

Only Global ZIndexBehavior is officially supported.

Rippler API


Tween Rippler:Down([number X, number Y])

Animates a Circular Ripple at position, X, 0, Y) within Container. Defaults to the center. Returns the Tween Object which is Tweening the Size of the Ripple.


void Rippler:Up()

Fades the currently open Ripple out


void Rippler:Ripple([number X, number Y, number Duration = 0.15])

Calls Rippler:Down(X, Y) and calls Rippler:Up() after Duration


Property Type Description
Style Enumeration.RipplerStyle Full, Icon, or Round
BorderRadius Enumeration.BorderRadius How rounded the corners should be (0, 2, 4, or 8)
RippleFadeDuration number How long it takes for a Ripple to Fade
MaxRippleDiameter number A cap at how large the Ripples can get (defaults to math.huge)
RippleExpandDuration number How long it takes a Ripple to expand to full size
RippleColor3 Color3 The Color of the Ripples
RippleTransparency number The Transparency of the Ripples
Container GuiObject The parent to which Ripples are Parented

When the Style is set to Enumeration.RipplerStyle.Icon, it will constrain the diameter of the Ripples to twice the height of the Container.