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Getting Started

To begin using RoStrap, simply install it by clicking the icon below and pressing the Install button:

After installing, open a place and enable Http requests from Home → Game Settings → Security.

Next, navigate to the PLUGINS tab. Click the RoStrap logo.

The plugin will install the Resources library and create an example "Repository" folder in ServerStorage from which libraries may be loaded using LoadLibrary

  • Only Folders and libraries should go in this repository.
    • Folder heiarchy of libraries is ignored.
  • A ModuleScript and its descendants are considered a single library.
    • Thus, only parent ModuleScripts will be accessible via LoadLibrary


local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local Resources = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Resources"))

local Keys = Resources:LoadLibrary("Keys") -- Keys
local Thin = Resources:LoadLibrary("Thin") -- Error! Not a valid library


When you use RoStrap, you are using tested and tried Libraries which are continually maintained by the best developers in town! Whenever a developer updates their Library on GitHub, you will see an update button appear (under the INSTALLED tab). Installing or updating a library automatically installs its dependencies.

Updates are detected when your source code doesn't match the source code of the latest version of GitHub, excluding whitespace, comments, and configurable variables. Configurable variables (as RoStrap recognizes them) have to look like this: