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Only Global ZIndexBehavior is officially supported.

Registers a Material Design Shadow PseudoInstance which can be instantiated via"Shadow")

ShadowElevation Enumeration

ShadowElevation Castable number
Elevation0 0
Elevation1 1
Elevation2 2
Elevation3 3
Elevation4 4
Elevation6 6
Elevation8 8
Elevation9 9
Elevation12 12
Elevation16 16

Shadow API


void Shadow:ChangeElevation(Enumeration.ShadowElevation Elevation [, number TweenTime = 0.175])

Animates a Shadow to a new Elevation over the course of TweenTime seconds.


Property Type Description
Elevation Enumeration.ShadowElevation The Elevation of the Shadow
Transparency number How transparent the Shadow is
Shadow inherits from PseudoInstance