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Image Standards

If uploading icons, images must be 2x size so that high-density screens can still appreciate the beautiful icons. Icons should also be white (so that you can change ImageColor3 to whatever you want, including black).

For example, for a 24x24 image (toggle_on) from we would download the following.

Go with the 48x48 image in the 2x folder.

Pixels of 100% transparency (0% opacity/alpha) must have white color values.

Bad Good

To fix this in GIMP, do the following. First, create a new layer:

Make sure it is filled with white pixels:

Next, cut out all of the pixels, leaving only transparent white pixels. To do this, press R (open select tool), click on the image, hit Ctrl + A (select all), then hit Ctrl + X (cut). Click and drag on this transparent white layer and make sure it is on the bottom. Then Right Click + Merge Down

Make sure to save color values from transparent pixels when you export the image.